pic by Greg Mionske

pic by Greg Mionske

Hello, I'm Cameron Maier (aka Bearcam). I'm a photographer and director based in Colorado, USA.  

I started out with a camera that I purchased with my furlough money from Trail Crew at Rocky Mtn Nat'l Park and followed around all my famous climber friends, making some cult classic videos.  

Now, I'm putting my since-refined eye and passion for both still and moving images to work for brands all over the world in the form of short & feature films and print campaigns.

I love making photos and short-form documentaries that tell the story of interesting and passionate characters, in pursuit of their goals in beautiful places.

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Phone: 719.694.4223

Email: cameronmaier@gmail.com



Accolades for Sonnie Trotter vs.      The Totem Pole (short film)

Selected Clients:

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