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"in 2009, i planned to become a guest of 31 secluded and visually unique tribes. i wanted to witness their time honoured traditions, join in their rituals and discover how the rest of the world is threatening to change their way of life forever. most importantly, i wanted to create an ambitious aesthetic photographic document that would stand the test of time, a body of work that would be an irreplaceable ethnographic record of a fast disappearing world. i didn’t start this project anticipating that i could stop the world from changing. i purely wanted to create a visual document that reminds us and generations to come of how beautiful the human world once was." - jimmy nelson

the tribes seen here (in only ten of the over 500 photos found in his book) are: (1) the peoples of the vanuatu islands, found southeast of the solomon islands; (2) the samburu of northern kenya; (3) the maori of new zealand; (4) the kalam of eastern new guinea; (5) the huli of the new guinea highlands; (6) the maasai, who live in kenya and tanzania; (7) the karo, who live on the eastern banks of ethiopia’s omo river; (8) the himba of the kunene region of northern namibia; (9) the kazakhs of western mongolia; (10) the yali of the baliem valley region of papua indonesia.

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